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Women’s Disconnected Undercut | Haircut & Style

by Divi
Disconnected Undercut

Hello Everyone!

The long awaited Step by Step of my Disconnected Undercut!~

The Barber

This Haircut & Style post was inspired by my initial transformation to a pixie, then a fade, then dying my hair for the first time, and now going with one of my favorite colors…Magenta!! I am so happy with the way it turned out and as always, I have my barber and hair stylist to thank …Muaaaahh (kisses)

Razor cut at the barber
Razor cut at the barber

Prep for the Dye

The YouTube video associated has the actual footage and it is my hope that this video both inspires and removes fears. Many women are afraid to cut the hair, fearing judgement from their friends and family or their place of employment. It has been my experience that there are far, far more people that support my decision and give me their positive encouragement.

Hair Lightening
Hair Lightening done by a professional hair color expert!!

The lightening step is by-and-large the most important of the process when it comes to proper hair dye integration into your natural hair texture/shape. I have had my hair lightened previously to achieve the red-orange color you see here, but to re-lighten prior to new color application is critical.

Hair Lightening
Nearly Finished with lightening.

Rinse and Dry

You can see by the angles of the lightening that this angular color application better conforms the color to come to a natural flow. Even lightening more towards the tips than then root to give a transition region from original color to new dye color.

Hair Lightening Rinse
Washing out the lightener

After a quick rinse, it is time to apply do some initial blow-out prior to the application of color on dry hair…

Hair Blowout

The Dye Applied

Cut & Style
Post dye application, some cut and style

You can see how the new color applied starts from mid-point in the hair and is not a straight line across, but seems to begin naturally on different heights on every strand. This also shows the very intense color at the tips, drawing your eye downward.

Some curl really pops the color while exposing the undercut below!

I like to curl my hair sometimes to bring out the undercut as well as bring the highlights up a bit higher.

If you like this look, watch the video below or the other videos related on my YouTube Channel SincerelyDivi to see other colors, color maintenance, and DIY methods!!

Sincerely Divi

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