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Thanksgiving Tablescape Tips and Tricks

by Divi
Thanksgiving Tablescape Tips


Thanksgiving is a great time for celebrating with family and friends. I put together this Thanksgiving Tablescape to share some Tips and Tricks with you on how to achieve simple and elegant table setting. Start with what you have, get a little help from friends and family, and let your creativity shine. Thank you Alexa for your help with this video and providing materials, too.


The Materials

I gathered my dinnerware, glassware, flatware, chargers, and decor items on a table next to my dining table. This helps me visualize how I might set the table. We don’t need expensive items. I either found items around my house or queried friends and family to see what they might have.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Materials

Start of Tablescape & Centerpiece

I like starting my table setting with a white tablecloth, since it is neutral and easy for an amateur to work with. Instead of going with a traditional table runner, which was a green one I had, I opted for laying out a series of table mats. This is a technique useful for expanding table runner options. The dinner plates and chargers are next, arranged in front of the chairs.

The center is started with a wood piece (cutting board), slightly offset, gives character and focus to the center. To add a pop of color two small white vases with succulents are added to the ends. Candles with LED bulbs are arranged throughout to bring light, color and a vertical dynamic.

Chargers, table runner, centerpiece

Napkin Decorated

To spice up napkins, the orange cloth is used, which also ties into the fall theme, matching with the green. Using some fancy string, I tied a small bow on each, giving the character of depth to the napkin. You notice that two different types of napkins were used due to only having 4 orange and this is okay since the 4 center napkins match, then the two white at the ends.


Finished Product

The finished product shows the addition of flatware (gold color, in this case), stemware and glasses, and wooden salad plates. The placement of each attempts to follow the etiquette rules and also provide a contrasting color scheme. I hope this concept gives you a starting point for your own creative Thanksgiving Tablescape.


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