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Purple Hair Dye – Arctic Fox Purple Rain

by Erik
purple hair dye

Before & After

This simple Before and After video gives an idea of what is possible with the Arctic Fox Purple Rain Hair Dye. Yes, I had my hair lightened by a professional, as this is a paramount step in the process that I am not yet ready to take on today.

Before Purple Dye

The Arctic Fox color you see here is after my first wash, which is truly a good representation of what purple dye color is over time. The purple blends with my undertones of copper and orange to create a magenta highlighted purple hair look that is both eccentric and subtle.

How I choose to lighten

To achieve this look, I relied heavily on the artistry of the lightening done by my hair stylist previously. This gave me the palette for laying down the color in both specific areas, but also well blended. While it is possible to lighten and lay color yourself, it makes it incredibly easy to color if you have it professionally lightened 1-2 times per year. I’ll prepare another detailed post of this process at a later date.

How to Maintain Color

A technique recommended by Kristen Leanne, part-owner of Arctic Fox, is to include a small amount of the dye in your conditioner step of hair wash. This helps to maintain the color and is a very subtle recoloring of diminished spots. I haven’t yet tried this, but will be doing a full post and video on the subject.

In the near future, I’ll be posting a How-To video and post detailing every step, timings, and other required hardware, such as small bowls, brushes, hair caps, etc.

If you want to see the professional version of the lightening and coloring, check out this post or this video to see how it was done!!

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