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KOSAS Lipstick Swatches and First Impressions

by Divi
KOSAS Lipstick Swatches and First Impressions

Hey There!

Today I take a look at an exciting new line of makeup by KOSAS Cosmetics. These lipstick swatches range broadly in colors and claim to be universal for all skin tones, we shall see…So, enjoy my first impressions and I would love to hear from you!

The lipsticks are very creamy and feel hydrating, just like the company claims. I even broke one a bit while applying because I extended it too far when applying, oops. I also learned, it is harder to swatch on the underside of your arm and make consistent lines, we all have something to work on.

KOSAS Weightless “Fringe” Lipstick

The lipstick above, Fringe, is my favorite of the bunch. I could see wearing this on a fun Friday at work where I can’t wait to get out and hit the town!! KOSAS says it

With a nod to the 90s, Fringe is a darker red. Perfect day or night, this earthy red makes lips look fuller while the weightless, nourishing formula strengthens them for battle. Beautiful across all skin tones, Fringe lipstick is a build-able, empowering alternative to a classic red.

Yeah, I agree!!
KOSAS Weightless “Darkroom” Lipstick

This lipstick is very bold and beautiful. It appears to me to be a shade of dark burgundy and has a full coverage with good sheen. I have my wear-all-day matte lipsticks, but sometimes I just want a bit of shine 🙂 KOSAS says…

A cooler wine tone, Darkroom runs deep without being Gothic. Its weightless, botanically-rich, hydrating formula makes it wearable and approachable; it’s the easy kind of drama. A chameleon, Darkroom lipstick flatters each skin tone differently across the spectrum, starting with a pop of visual contrast on lighter skin tones, transitioning into a moody sex appeal on medium skin tones, and blending harmoniously to complement darker skin tones.

I appreciate all of the other colors for reasons that I go into more details in the video. For now, these two are amazing and the general hydration and ease of application is very exciting. Can’t wait to wear them again.

As short note, each tube is secured with a magnet, which is helpful and kinda fun. When storing, they must be stored upside-down from each other, otherwise the magnets will oppose and push them away. However, if you do put them the way I recommend, they actually hold together slightly, making organization a “snap.”

Link to the Neiman Marcus Lipstick Trio mentioned in the video. https://bit.ly/2T0Q78X (it is periodically out of stock…must be popular!! (it is periodically out of stock…must be popular!!

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