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How to Talk to the Barber

by Erik
undercut for women

Disconnected Undercut Haircut for Women

The first time I went to the barber, especially for women, I was worried about how to talk to the barber and even how to get the look I wanted. It can be daunting just entering a new place that seems to have different rules and a new language. In today’s post, I explore and explain how to talk to your barber to achieve an undercut haircut. This could be for men, women, and can be useful for disconnected undercuts, fade undercuts, or any variety of each.

How to Talk to the Barber

Typically, when I go to the barber I get a “fade”, which is shorter at the bottom and longer at the top, but still trimmed quite close. Each length of hair is a different level, going from “0” which is basically skin, to around “4”, which is near 1/2 inch. There are also 1/2 sizes between, so I typically get a 0.5 to 2.5, which is rather short, but has a decent slope.

0.5 to 2.5 Fade Undercut

One easy way to communicate with the barber is to bring a picture of what you want. This could be from the internet in general or most barbers have some sort of Instagram page where they highlight their work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and discuss options. Knowing upfront that you and the barber are on the same page is tremendously comforting.

Early in the barber cut


My YouTube video is my actual footage and it is my hope that this video both inspires and removes fears. Many women are afraid to cut the hair, fearing judgement from their friends and family or their place of employment. It has been my experience that there are far, far more people that support my decision and give me their positive encouragement.

All cleaned, just waiting the razor

The Finishing Touch

Many times your barber will want to finish off the haircut with a razor to make all edges precise. This can be very useful for making it a full 3 weeks between cuts. However, I have spoken with my barber to make sure this razor work is at a minimum because I don’t want to feel any razor burn. He is very gentle :). Also, I ask to avoid the spray at the end as it has a bit of a manly smell that doesn’t suit me.

The gentle razor 🙂

Frequency & Cost

Because the haircut is much shorter, the cuts must be more regular. Usually mine are ~3 weeks apart. However, this frequency is offset by cost, where the barber costs less. Over a typical year period of time, the total cost roughly equals a standard hair stylist with longer time frames between cuts. To whiten my hair for coloring, I do go to a stylist every 6 months as well.

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