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Anjou Eye Makeup Brushes Review

by Divi
Anjou Makeup Brushes

I have been using my really expensive brushes for so long, I’ve forgotten to be on the lookout for the new and affordable. These Anjou Makeup Brushes (24 Piece Set), found on Amazon Basics, really seem like an affordable brushes solution to the makeup need.

The five (5) aspects Packaging, Form, Feel, Function, and Affordability are discussed here…

Yes, that is right, for only ~$8, you can have a genuine set of descent quality brushes. In my review of these brushes on YouTube, I go into a bit more detail, but let me point out a few highlighted concepts that I look for in a brush…


The box they are shipped in is a great shape for stacking with other beauty products and easily fits all the brushes, while protecting them for daily use. Each brush is individually wrapped, so they are pristine out of the box.

Shipping an Storage Box

individually wrapped

Form & Design

The brushes are made in china of a synthetic bristle and polished wood handle construction. The bristles feel very soft when applying makeup, which is not always the case with other brushes I own.

These brushes are similar to stippling brushes, so very good at packing on color and are all about the same design. Instead of being good at “blowing out” the color, these brushes shine at blending along a given line that the original color is applied…hope that makes sense 🙂

Other Thoughts

When opening the packages originally, there is a significant chemical smell, that does dissapate after a short while. This is probably a byproduct of the manufacturing process, but doesn’t seem to linger.

Also, for an eye makeup brush set, it appears to be missing a pencil brush. This is an extremely important brush for doing eye makeup, so it seems like this was an oversight for this collection.

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