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5 Steps for The Best Working Mom Make-Up Look

by Divi

I will  be the first to admit I enjoy all the beauty related videos on social media. But when it comes to applying it to my everyday life as a working mom, it is just not practical. I am sharing my 5 makeup steps to quick look that can make you feel pulled together while running out the door. I do recommend doing your skincare and sun care routine prior to makeup.

Working Mom Make-Up Look

These are the top 5 steps to a solid working mom makeup look.
  1. Apply Foundation: The first layer of foundation is a quick step that neutralizes and evens out your skin tone. I use a medium to full coverage matte foundation (e.g. Smashbox and LANCOME) to avoid the need for concealer I just add two or three extra layers of foundation in my problem areas, wait for it to dry down a bit and then blend it out. If you want to use concealer as well, go ahead. I just do not want to take the time for that extra step. After you are happy with your base set critical areas lightly with setting powder (e.g. under eye and T-zone). Since I have dry skin, during the cooler months I can get away with not setting my foundation with setting powder. If you have oily skin you may need to using a good amount of setting-powder for your entire face. You be the judge of the amount of setting powder you need. I recommend applying your foundation using a dense stippling foundation brush, I love the ones from Real Techniques, or a beauty sponge like the one from Beauty Blender.
  1. Define your Brows: Now that foundation is done and your face is flawless. I recommend defining your eyebrows. Brows frame your face, so this is a good way to pull a simple makeup look together. Ideally you have squeezed some time on the weekend to pull out stray eyebrow hairs so your weekday routine is faster. I love using Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz or Brow Definer to quickly define my brows. These product(s) allow me to fill in those pesky little gaps in my brows allowing me to appear to have perfect brows. 
  1. Coat your Lashes with Mascara: I have a love and hate relationship with mascara. If I am not paying attention it gets on my eye lids and creates more work for me. I recommend squeezing your lashes with an eye lash curler and keeping the mirror low and look down into the mirror while applying mascara. Do try to get the base of your lashes in the first coat you just was some definition. Give your mascara a few seconds to set and go in for a second application in the same manner as the first one. If mascara gets anywhere use a q-tip to clean it up. I enjoy using Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara and the LANCOME HYPNÔSE – Custom Volume Mascara.
  1. Add Definition to your Cheeks: This step is completely flexible dependent on your preferences. The fastest solution is to use a bronzer as a blush, it adds warmth and definition to your face and you can move on. I like using a Face Palette which gives me bronzer, blush, contour, and highlighting options, so that depending on the day, my mood, and how much time I have I do just bronzer or do it all. The Kevin Aucoin Contour Book Volume 3 is absolutely divine. I have been enjoying this product recently. All the colors work on my dark skin so this contour book is brown girl friendly. 
  1. Apply Lipstick for Bold Lips: This step is also completely flexible and dependent on your preferences. Good options for the lips include, chapstick and lip gloss, if bold lips are not your style. I like playing with a bold lip because it makes it look like I put more effort than I did. However, you need the right product to pull off a low maintenance bold lip color as it has to work well with mom life. This means the lip color has to stay on and not bleed all over the face. Lip stains and long wearing liquid lipsticks may be a good options if you want to give a bold lip a shot and have minimal touch up. Although not pictured above, my absolute favorite is the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick, this stuff looks good all day.

To tie your make-up and your outfits together spray some perfume before you walk out the door et Voila you are done! What are your steps to creating your working mom make-up look? Comment down below and let me know.




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